At Hallmark Floors, we take pride in designing and developing wood flooring that enhances the aesthetic of every type of home and interior, whether it’s a cozy, traditional space or a chic, contemporary environment. Our relentless dedication to innovation has positioned us as one of the fastest-growing wood flooring companies in the market.

We are delighted to offer you a selection of over 100 uniquely designed hardwood and waterproof floors. Experience the beauty and craftsmanship that sets Hallmark Floors apart in the world of flooring.

Floor Styles

  • Admiral Oak

    Admiral Oak

  • Baroness Hickory

    Baroness Hickory

  • Camarilla Oak

    Camarilla Oak

  • Chancellor Oak

    Chancellor Oak

  • Chevalier Pine

    Chevalier Pine

  • Clyde Maple

    Clyde Maple

  • Falconer Oak

    Falconer Oak

  • Galloway Hickory

    Galloway Hickory

  • Imperial Oak

    Imperial Oak

  • Kingsguard Oak

    Kingsguard Oak

  • Margrave Teak

    Margrave Teak

  • Paladin Oak

    Paladin Oak

  • Rohan Oak

    Rohan Oak

  • Royal Oak

    Royal Oak

  • Sovereign Oak

    Sovereign Oak

  • Steward Oak

    Steward Oak