Offering a seamless balance of functionality, endurance and poise, Fabuwood cabinets are built to withstand the test of time. Each door style embodies a distinct character and vibe that’s unique to your personality and what you stand for. Featuring cabinets in a great combination of style, selection and price, Fabuwood invites a welcoming sense of comfort and luxury to the space that’s central to your life. Go ahead and explore our wide variety of cabinets styles, materials and finishes, and discover the one that perfectly captures the heart of your home.

Quality Redefined

To fully achieve Q12 eligibility, a cabinet must meet twelve unique standards of quality. Hover over each of the twelve standards below to learn more about the twelve fundamental pillars that establish the Q12 qualification.

Door Styles

  • Fusion Blanc

    Fusion Blanc

  • Fusion Dove

    Fusion Dove

  • Fusion Kona

    Fusion Kona

  • Fusion Nickel

    Fusion Nickel

  • Fusion Oyster

    Fusion Oyster

  • Fusion Stone

    Fusion Stone

  • Galaxy Cobblestone

    Galaxy Cobblestone

  • Galaxy Frost

    Galaxy Frost

  • Galaxy Horizon

    Galaxy Horizon

  • Galaxy Indigo

    Galaxy Indigo

  • Galaxy Linen

    Galaxy Linen

  • Galaxy Nickel

    Galaxy Nickel

  • Imperio Dove

    Imperio Dove

  • Imperio Nickel

    Imperio Nickel

  • Nexus Frost

    Nexus Frost

  • Nexus Slate

    Nexus Slate

  • Onyx Cobblestone

    Onyx Cobblestone

  • Onyx Frost

    Onyx Frost

  • Onyx Horizon

    Onyx Horizon